Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

Bigbdshop is working in the present Bangladesh and in the future of Bangladesh with busy people who are constantly working to keep the country’s economy afloat and make the country world class in the future to make the living standard of living easier, beautiful and more dynamic. Retirement time, that little time in Tookean is not spent in the daily necessities of their world, so that they can spend this little time with their own people, keeping in mind this little effort of ours.

In the first phase, we have started delivery of grocery items, raw vegetables, fish-meat, dairy items and freezing products only within Dhaka city. However, in the future, we are constantly working to extend this service to the divisional cities and district cities of Bangladesh.

However, we have been delivering raw vegetables, fish, dairy items, freezing products and other groceries that do not need to be refrigerated in a short period of time.

Bigbdshop has started delivery of our books, computers, electronics, children’s products, cosmetics, clothing and all other products all over Bangladesh including Dhaka and our product collection team is constantly working to collect more new products.

We are happy to inform you that we are not only limited to selling our products but we have also introduced a system so that you can sell your products through me. We believe that by registering as a seller at Bigbdshop, you can take advantage of this opportunity to increase the sales of your product and earn extra money so that you don’t have to incur any additional costs.

Affiliate Marketing! We have launched affiliate marketing system so that educated unemployed students or students from rural areas of our country can earn money from home without coming to town or Dhaka. A link to the products in Bigbdshop is a means of promotion on social media like Facebook, Twitter With. We believe that this will lead to socio-economic development of our country. We provide training to those interested in affiliate marketing.

We believe that the large number of new jobs that will be created for the management of our program will benefit a large number of families. We hope that through this we will be able to reduce unemployment even if it is a little bit in this country. We are constantly working for this. God help us.