In case of problems with the product after receiving the product (eg: product broken, torn, wrong size, product not working, product does not match with the image, etc.) you can get back the full value of the purchased product subject to the following conditions.

1.      After receiving the delivery, the product should be checked in front of the delivery man and no further complaint will be accepted.

2.      In case of refund, the product should be completely intact with the box.

3.      If there is a product with the price written on it and if our price is higher than this for any reason, in case of extra price you have to inform us through our phone within 24 hours. If your complaint is corrected, the extra value you paid will be refunded within the next 24 hours through your Bigbdshop account. That means I can adjust the price of any product you purchase next.

4.      In case of advance payment, if the product is not in stock or the buyer refuses to accept, the order will be canceled and your money will be credited to your Bigbdshop account 24 hours. This money can be adjusted with the next purchase. Or by contacting us you will get your development, rocket, cash account back within 7 days.

5.      Our refund policy does not apply to any offer product.


1.      Delivery will be subject to order stock of the product. Due to unavoidable reasons, delivery of the product may take longer than the promised delivery time of the seller.

2.      Bigbdshop reserves the right to cancel your order at any time for unavoidable reasons even after order confirmation. In case of advance payment, refund required information (bKash No. / Rocket No. / Card No. and others) and after delivery by courier for product delivery, if you do not receive the product from that courier, return to bigbdshop. In case the money will be refunded within 10 days.